i think exo’s japanese album “countdown” was d…

i think exo’s japanese album “countdown” was disappointing. i thought i was going to love their japanese album considering i enjoyed electric kiss a lot, but i didn’t care for most of the songs that were originally in japanese. th e only tracks i added to my playlist were electric kiss, cosmic railway, and lovin’ you mo’.

Exo’s vocal line is honestly one of the …

Exo’s vocal line is honestly one of the best I’ve heard in kpop (alongside SHINee, btob, etc). With all of these stupid fan wars and popularity I feel like people forget that they are a group of genuinely talented people who can sing, even if SM forces them into boxes like “visual” and “rapper” (specifically Chanyeol, have yall heard his cover of creep??). I’m honored to be into kpop at he same time they are, and I hope that all of them get stronger vocal opportunities.


Being kpop fan is hard

As an army i suffered a lot ( like any other army i guess) first they hated us because we were everywhere, then the plagiarism accusations one after another, fanwars with exoL, vips… Hopefully now things somehow calmed down. Then it happened i fell for another group which is BLACKPINK and hello fei your nightmare is here again :)))))))

The amount of hate blinks are receiving right now is CRAZY, yes we aren’t ‘that innocent’ but immature fans are in every damn fandom, and bp is new group with new fans who keep joining the fandom everyday or those who just like one song and one member then call themselves blink, but it takes ONE single comment or tweet so that everyone nd every fandom will be hating on us.

But what shatters me the most is the armyxblink hate. Why? Because WE army have been through this and can understand it better than any other fandom! Being generalized because of one immature fan act.. I’ve seen in twitter this morning exoLs and blinks union to support eachother and all the answers were shady towards army..

As an armyblink where do i stand in the middle of this hate? I consider myself more blink than army since in this latest comeback i wasn’t really updated because of personal problems but here I’m jumping and counting the days for bp comeback nevertheless i still have pride in my fandom ( army) so it really does hurt seen all that hate toward them

Sigh, kpop is such toxic place it makes me want to just download the music and listen while doing my best to stay aways from all the fandoms activities and dramas…



kpop fans really are so funny. i just saw a post that was like “ksoo is christian! he has the same religion as me!” girl……. you and like 30% of the world