I’m a kpop fan since 2012 and till this day i don’t know from where the rule “ you can only have one ultimate group otherwise you are fake fan” comes from?

People not only this is just KPOP not committed relationship but also RECORDS ARE MADE TO BE BROKEN! this group break the record now the other will do the same in his comeback

So whats wrong?

Can we just talk about how beautiful “The Trut…

Can we just talk about how beautiful “The Truth Untold” is? For all the heat BTS’s vocal line gets, they sounded absolutely amazing in this song. Whatever they might of lacked in vocal technicalities, they made up for it in emotion because every time they sang “But I still want you..”, I wanted to tear up. I’m not really one for ballads, but the fact that this song became my favorite in the entire album says something.