lolfunnykpop: This is like my 7 year / 30k+ fo…


This is like my 7 year / 30k+ followers giveaway. I’ve been planning this since I reached 20k, but school snatched my life and wig and I didn’t have time. So I held it off thinking I would do it once I reached 30k, but I reached that a while ago, but Alas here I am. Also, this summer I have a job so I more financially stable then I have ever been lol.

I just want to thank everyone who follows me and has kept this blog going. You have no idea how many times school got hard, and I thought about quitting  and came back to so much love and support that it kept me going. This blog is such a pivotal part of my life and has helped me make so many friends (I even wrote about it for my college admissions essay, and seeing how I got into my dream school, I would say this blog has played a big role in my life).


After many considerations I’ve decided the giveaway will end in on August 17, 2018 at 7pm EST (after the last post of the day).

There will be 3 winners, and the winners can choose any kpop cds of their liking from amazon: Here and if you’re outside of the USA Here (If your country is not eligible for amazon, as long as you have a kpop site that ships to you, feel free to enter).

I am going to put a limit on this though, I will spend a maximum of $30 per cd. Almost every kpop cd falls within the $20 range, but I felt like adding this stipulation since there are some cds out there that cost up to $60+ (the limited editions ones) and buying multiple of those would be a lot for me.


There will be winners:

  • 1st Place: Any 2 kpop albums of your choice + kpop memorabilia of your choice + 6 months of tidal
  • 2nd Place: Any Kpop album of your choice + a kpop memorabilia of your choice (photo card sets, poster, shirt, plushie ect…) (I will be making a list later)
  • 3rd Place: Any Kpop album of your choice

1st and 2nd place will ONLY  be for people who follow the blog and the third one will for both people who follow and those who don’t. I used to have followers only giveaways and despite warning about following just for the ga people did, so feel free to check out the blog and follow if you want, but please don’t do it just for the giveaway (it hurts when the follower count goes down lol).

For extra entry : You can follow the “unofficial” lolfunnykpop twitter account  I’ve had it for a while and never really shared it, but I am starting to use it more now. Just follow and I will add the twitter handle in the mix randomizer too (Dm me even if it’s anon your handle so that I can put it in)

Also tidal is only there because I got 6 months after buying beyonce tickets but I don’t use it, so if you dont want it we can switch it to something else (I just want to get rid of it)


  1. To enter all you have to do is Like/Reblog
    1. You can like and reblog as much as you want
  2. For the first 2 prizes you must be following me
  3. I would need the winner’s address, so if you are under 18 please ask your parent’s/guardian’s permission before giving out your address.
  4. The winner will be chosen by via
  5. Please have your ask box open. It will be easier on me.
  6. The cd will be ordered after the winner tells me which cd they want.
  7. Good luck  (^_^). 

One more week! Sorry I havent been updating, work and adulhood argh