The boys are coming to Europe again in August for 6 stops in the following countries:
– August 3rd, Lisbon, Portugal
– August 5th, Berlin, Germany
– August 7th, Paris, France
– August 9th, Prague, Czech Republic
– August 11th, Warsaw, Poland
– August 13th, Essen, Germany
– August 15th, Helsinki, Finland

Tickets for this tour can be bought through the following link:

24K will also have 6 stops in North/South America, this will be in the end of August and the start of September during the following dates:
– August 24th, Fortaleza
– August 26th, Rio De Janeiro
– August 29th, Sao Paulo
– August 31th, Santiag De Chile, Chile
– September 2nd, Lima, Peru
– September 9th, Mexico City, Mexico

Tickets mexico are already in sale at (prices are in pesos):

Gold & Silver:


Thanks @you-are-in-my-blood-again​ for the info about the Mexico tickets

Tickets for this tour aren’t up for sale yet, but SkeyAce will most likely announce this very soon.

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I am so late posting this, but if any of you are fans please check it out!! If you’re not still check it out 24K is a really good group, with solid music